Arrow Season 2 Second Half Going to Start From January 15

The second half of “Arrow” season 2 is going to be starting back up on Wednesday, January 15. CW has served a new extended promo/spoiler clip for their upcoming “Arrow” episode 10 of season 2, and it looks quite intense and action-packed as Arrow tries to hunt down a new masked enemy, the series is going to be more action and dramatic now. The upcoming episodes will be showing the battle between Oliver Queen’s hero and then Brother Blood, otherwise known as Sebastian Blood. The problem that Oliver runs into is not putting two and two together, and knowing who is responsible for passing along the serum to create his own army of monsters in Starling City.

The episodes, titled “Blind Spot” and “Tremors,” will revolve around Laurel Lance specifically and the Lance family itself, respectively, according to the actor, who extolled the virtues of his cast, noting that many of the supporting players, including guest star Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen, have had episodes that basically revolved around them as much as or more than Green Arrow this year. As episode synopses haven’t yet been made public but the Blast Radius, which will feature the DC Comics villain Shrapnel. Nicholas Lea ( The X-Files) will first appear in “Tremors” and is reportedly going to cause major problems for a member of the Queen family.
Arrow’s ensemble is truly one of the most compelling on the small screen and this new season of Arrow is more interesting than any other superhero TV series.

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